Deal, Deliver, Done

I’m gearing up for a Christmas deal to offer my customers. I’ll launch next Monday – the week of Thanksgiving – to get people in the spirit. Let me give you a peak into what I’m thinking. I’m really excited about it, but I share this with you because you’ll probably relate. There are three thoughts that go through my mind when rolling out a special, and whatever business you’re in, I bet you can glean from them.

My marketing crank is turning, and I’m getting ready for a Christmas sale.

  1. Deal: I want to give the customer a slam-dunk deal, something they feel really good about purchasing.
  2. Deliver: I want to make sure I can deliver on the deal without losing money (in fact, I have to make money).
  3. Done: I want a done deal, an easy-to-understand and simple purchase.

I’ve got two markets to sell to: (1) Training Minds – academic speakers and debaters, and (2) Jeub Family – family-friendly folks. Both of these markets will follow the DEAL, DELIVER, DONE pattern – particularly in two bargains I’ll be offering. These bargains won’t launch till next week, but I thought you’d like to have a peak…

1. $10 Stocking Stuffer

I have some relatively inexpensive items in both audiences. First, the Training Minds people enjoy three items that fit nicely into a zip lock baggy: a timepiece, sticky notes and a pen. The timepieces alone go for $11.95 each, so $10 for all three is a slam-dunk deal. My second audience doesn’t have these kinds of products, but I managed to create a $10 gift certificate on a nice notecard stock that I had left over from Wendy and my latest book, Love Another Child. 

Great “Stocking Suffers,” don’t you think? Both of these are good DEALs, compact to DELIVER, and easily DONE. But my customers may want to upgrade to a “gift,” which is next…

2. $25 Christmas Gift (with FREE Stocking Stuffer)

My e-commerce store has an options capability that allows customers to custom make products. The main books in each audience are priced at about $20-$30. With a little bit of set up, I’m allowing customers to choose any TWO books in their category for only $25.

That sounds great, doesn’t it? The totally awesome part of the deal is that the upgrade comes with the stocking stuffer FOR FREE! Why not?

Great DEAL, compact to DELIVER, and easily DONE. Every bargain I offer should follow this pattern.

Watch for this next week. I’ll roll this out first thing Monday, November 19.

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