My Two Recreational Traditions

I have something to confess. I don’t mind working like a horse. Doing that which you love makes it even harder. I’m fine with working day-in and day-out. But you know what? I have to make time for recreation.

Skiing in 2009

Today I’m heading to the mountains with my kids. We make a yearly venture of it, this picture taken from 2009. There will be 11 of us tackling the Monarch Mountain today. Look out!

I have two activities that I do with my kids every year. 

  1. Skiing. As mentioned, we make a trip of it. We don’t own skis or buy season passes; renting for a day doesn’t bust the bank. Heading to the mountains for one day is all we try to fit into our busy schedule. The kids graduate into the privilege at 7 years old. Check out this video of us all sliding down the hill.
  2. Hunting. Kids turn of age at 12 years old. I sometimes am able to take them to Nebraska for deer hunting (they’re able to hunt in that state at 10). A few years ago Noah and Micah harvested two whitetail deer by 8:30 on opening morning. This video is awesome.

I believe every hard-working family should make the time for recreation. What do you do that gets you out of the office?