New Category: Hiking in Colorado

I feel sort of embarrassed to tell you this. My family has lived in Colorado for 14 years. We should know the foothills of the Front Range like the back of our hands by now, but we don’t. We’re going to change that.

Hiking 2014

Finger Mountain in the background, this trail is just minutes from our home.

I’m starting a new blog category: “Hiking.” Not a hiker? That’s okay. I suspect you’re going to like this added journey to my blog anyway. I believe there are many reasons hiking will be good for my family, three come to mind more prominently. Hiking is…

  1. good for the spirit.
  2. good for the family.
  3. good for the physique.

Even if you don’t live in Colorado, I hope you find this blog category helpful to you. We all can use help in these three areas of our life, can’t we? Let me explore a little deeper with you.

Spiritually, there is little better than a brisk hike. Sometimes when Wendy and I walk together we don’t even talk to each other. The views are overwhelming. My mind wanders about God’s creation, especially at how insignificant and trivial I am to the greater canvas of creation. Hiking Colorado trails brings the both of us closer to God.

When we do talk, we talk about family. Issues lately have been intense, but our planned hikes do much more for our focus than any worry or fretting does. Hiking is an intentional break from life — not an escape, but a therapeutic sizing up of the demands God has put on us in our life — and its natural therapy is perhaps better than any professional therapy we’ve received.

And, of course, physically. We’re not getting younger! A weekly or bi-weekly hike into the mountains keeps us healthy and in shape. Our lives demand travel, schooling and work that puts us through a lot of pressure. Staying fit and trim with hiking makes so much physical sense that we just have to do it.

I’ll be pulling together pictures and stories of our hikes and posting them now and then. In 10 years my hope is to have the foothills of the Colorado Rockies mapped out quite well. I also hope to have a lot of spiritual, familial, and physical strength restored.

Want to join me on this hiking journey? Who knows, someday you may come out to Colorado and hike these trails yourself. Maybe we’ll join you! Subscribe to my blog and we’ll stay in touch.

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  • Writermomof4

    Your discovery warms my heart! I grew up in New Mexico, lived in Louisiana briefly and have landed semi-permanently in Indiana. But I’ve always had a special regard for Colorado and hope to live there some day. When we drive west to visit family in New Mexico (once every couple years), we find ourselves more frequently finding excuses to stop for a week or two in Colorado. Hiking the front range is our favorite ‘tourist’ activity. In fact, it wasn’t until our most recent visit in August of this year that we even spent money on an activity, and that was taking the train up Pike’s Peak. The kids all agreed next time we’d do a one-way trip and hike down. I’m so glad you’ve discovered the joy of hiking the mountains there. I look forward to lots of updates in this category!

    • Awesome! I hope we can give you ideas for your next venture through the area. Maybe my family could guide you on one of our favorites. =)