New Debate Cases and Briefs Available Now!

How the new sourcebooks work for the 2016-2017 year

Blue Book and Red Book come with 2016-17 cases and briefs right now. How is that possible when the resolutions don’t release till later (for most leagues)? By the magic of the new sourcebooks, that’s how.

Vance and I have been publishing Blue Book for nearly 20 years. We are both at NITOC for the week...come and say hi!

Vance and I have been publishing Blue Book for nearly 20 years. We are both at NITOC for the week. Find us and say hi!

Since 1998, I have published the leading sourcebook for academic debaters in Stoa and NCFCA, and we’re now fully committed to NSDA. Every year I work with coaches and champion students to pull together cases and briefs specifically written to the new debate resolutions. Last year the sourcebooks sold for a whopping $50 each, separate from curriculum and video material (sold separately for additional cost) along with tournament supplies like flowsheets. The books released August 1, giving my coaches approximately 2-3 months to pull it all together.

This year, we have the sourcebooks ready for purchase RIGHT NOW, and the curriculum and video material comes with it for free. It sells for only $29 at our booth.

Quite a feat, wouldn’t you say? I accomplished this by uprooting the workflow that I started developing way back in the last millennia. We have a release strategy that owners of the sourcebooks are included in, giving debaters full access to the introductory material while providing an optional membership for serious competitors. Here’s what is included in the purchase of the Blue Book or Red Book:

  1. Spotlight Addendum: included. The traditional print book included “spotlight” cases and briefs, the highlighted choices from my coaching team that released with the book. All owners of Blue Book or Red Book come with digital access codes that include these downloads come August 1. As we have done for the past 18 years, we’ll release the cases and briefs just in time for the following season.
  2. The Curriculum: included. The book that you purchase at my table comes with the both the explanatory chapters of policy (Blue Book) and Lincoln-Douglas (Red Book) debate, but merges the traditional Ironman Curriculum in to its pages. We have discontinued the separate curriculum and include it with the new sourcebook for free.
  3. Updated lesson strategies: included. The new sourcebooks are restructured in a four-unit, 12-lesson plan format that brings debaters into focus for the upcoming year of competition. The idea is to bring students through 12 weeks of study to totally prepare them for their first competition.

The old way to do it is no longer, replaced with this new system. Traditionally, you purchased the sourcebook and (perhaps) added the curriculum and video material along with it. To get fully equipped for the year, you spent a good $100…and you had to wait till August for me to ship them to you. Now all this material is available for $29 right now at the Monument Publishing booth.

We have a strategy in place to give you even more material in the future: the Monument Memberships. These are free through June 30, just to give you an idea of the weekly materials that will release to you throughout the year. For just $5 (LD) and $8 (Policy) per month, competitors will get a steady flow of even more cases and briefs throughout the competitive season. This is in addition to all the materials that come with Blue Book and Red Book already!

I hope this encourages you to pick up your copy of the sourcebooks at our Monument Publishing table. Bring them home and dig right into the new resolutions. As we always do for competitors, Monument Publishing will be taking care of you in your preparation…all the way to Nationals 2017!

BLUE and RED packages available at the Monument Publishing Booth at NITOC.

BLUE and RED packages available at the Monument Publishing Booth at NITOC.