No Matter Who Wins Today

No matter who wins today, I’m moving on. I encourage you to come with me. I’ve got three no-lose ideas. If your candidate succeeds, I believe you can find hope in the future:

One way or another, our future has opportunity in it.

1. This is still the United States of America

Of course, if Mitt and Paul pull it off today, I’ll be very happy. The nation will move toward free market principles and support of self-reliance and entrepreneurialism. This will be good for everyone because it will build a strong economy that can support the needs of everyone. Both Republican and Democrat will prosper under their leadership.

Still, if they lose today, I’ll not be hindered. Freedom, entrepreneurism, self-reliance, dignity, truly helping those in need – I honestly believe in these ideals. I will keep speaking on these things in my attempt to change the flawed thinking of the masses. It’ll be a tougher road, but doggone it, this is America. I don’t believe people know what they were voting for.

2. Now, Back to Work

I’m so sick of politics. Aren’t you? I view politics as something that I have to slow down for, get the right people in office so they can make sure government doesn’t mess things up. I’d rather be pouring my energy into people and products and business – not politics.

You see, there is so much to write about, so much to contribute, so much to give. I’ve got a debate tournament this month, some camp audios to create, and a ton of projects to move on with. I’m not sure how the election will turn out today, but one thing is sure: I’ll be glad to wake up tomorrow with the election behind me.

If my candidate wins, my work will be just beginning. My publication company‘s motto is “think, speak, persuade” – in that order. And my Training Minds Camps need attention. I’ve got curriculum to refine and shape for tomorrow’s leaders. So many exciting things to take on that I’m very glad the race is over. I’m onto other races!

And there’s you. You’re reading the best blog on the planet (IMHO…subscribe already, would you?). I want to help empower you to do the great things you’re meant to do. This can be done no matter what administration is in power for the next four years.

3. We Are Unstoppable

I’ve already thought through the two opportunities in the next four years. I sure hope it is the latter:

(a) Socialism. We’re gonna be bulldogs in the coming years. To heck with the government’s insistence to be dependent on them. Shrug it off and embrace a rugged self-reliance. I’m so looking forward to working with you in making sure you are not dogs of the state, but individuals created by God to do what you are meant to do.

(b) Capitalism. We’re gonna be the leaders in coming years. The politicians (like my old friend Paul Ryan) will start chipping away at the failed social policies of the last four years. I’m praying for them, and I hope you are too. The policies that work – that have always worked – embrace philosophies of government that are fertile grounds for entrepreneurs like you and me. We are going to thrive.

So there you have it, folks. It’ll be one or the other today. Go out and vote and we’ll see which direction the American people want to go.

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  • LOVE the post today. Yes, it is one of the best blogs out there. 😉 Thank you.

  • RickStevens

    While the margin of victory comes as a complete and total shock to me, God knew the outcome before any of us were even around. Chris, you have a monumental (pun intended) task ahead of you, based solely on the first word of your mission…THINK. Exit polling showed that 55% of voters said they believed that America was headed in the wrong direction; 67% of voters said they believed that raising taxes to reduce the budget deficit was the wrong thing to do; 52% of voters said they disapproved of the job the president has been doing; and still, they cast their ballot for the candidate who went against everything they claim to believe. President Obama won re-election. Colorado has legalized marijuana possession, growth and use. I can’t believe the world that I woke up in this morning…but I’m going to work to make it a better place for me and my family.

    • Wholesome thoughts, Rick. Thanks for posting them. I’m just as disappointed, but what other choice do we have but to continue on with what we know is right? #livefreeordie