No Vendor Booth? No Problem.

I missed the application deadline for a booth at NCFCA Nationals. I made proper appeals, but the answer is firm: no Training Minds booth at Nationals. So here’s what we’re going to do, and I think you are going to like it even better.

There won't be a Training Minds booth at NCFCA Nats. But no worries, we're gonna take good care of you anyway.

MEET UP: Free timepieces, coaching support, shipping, and more.

I’m hosting the first Training Minds MEET UP. What is a meet up? It is a gathering at a disclosed location for anyone who wants to stop by and learn more about what I do with Training Minds and Monument Publishing. I’ll have a box of nifty timepieces to give to anyone who registers, PLUS to the first 10 who just plain old show up.

You see, I’m really sorry I missed the deadline for my booth. I had big plans to give NCFCA families a wide range of resources that we put out, talk through what is best for their clubs and families, and connect with the people I have been serving for the past 16 years. If you’re going to NCFCA Nationals, I want to connect with you. While it cannot be with a booth, a Meet Up is a great second choice.

There are five reasons you will want to be there:

  1. Free Timers ($12 value). If you register for this Meet Up, I will have a timepiece with your name on it. I will also have extra timepieces to give to the first 10 people who just plain show up. These timepieces are our bestselling product and will come in very handy in competition.
  2. Coaching support. I will have Travis Herche with me and perhaps some NITC coaches. If you are a competitor at Nationals, we will have just finished our first day of competition. I bet there will be a lot to buzz about!
  3. Discounted orders. I won’t have product on hand, but I will have an order form for any order or preorder you want to make on Monument Publishing curriculum. I have significant discounts, too, that I WAS going to have at my booth.
  4. Free shipping. And if you order at the Meet Up, I’ll ship whatever you choose to buy for FREE! Especially my sourcebooks, you’ll buy at $10 off plus queue them up to ship when they release August 1.
  5. Camp information. We’re hosting three camps this summer, one even very close to PHC. Parents typically ask tons of questions about what we’re offering, and the Meet Up is the place to get answers.

We are meeting on Tuesday evening at the end of the day of competition. Please share this information with your NCFCA friends:

Training Minds Meet Up at NCFCA Nationals
Where: sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt (across the street from PHC)
100 E Purcellville Drive (map)
When: Tuesday, June 10 at 7:00-9:00 PM
Cost: FREE! And you get a free timepiece if you register: