Non-competitive Debate

How the new sourcebooks work for competitors and classrooms alike

Many parents and teachers inquire about a “non-competitive” debate curriculum. They want to teach the fundamentals of argumentation and debate, but they don’t want to put all their efforts into competitive leagues. Today is their day!

Sometimes you just want to have a debate on the lawn, right?

Sometimes you just want to have a debate on the lawn, right?

Honestly, a week doesn’t go by that I don’t receive a note like this from someone. From a parent in Georgia:

“I am teaching ten kids in our homeschool co-op. We are not interested at this time in becoming a competitive debate team. I just want to teach the kids how to do a proper debate, perhaps do some debates against each other. I like the looks of the Red Book, but was not sure.”

This is why I have spent the last year totally revising my Blue Book and Red Book curriculum to address people like this Georgian mom.

The new books release this week and will consist of four units of study. The final unit gets students ready for competition (just as Blue Book and Red Book has always done) but doesn’t necessarily need to lead to that end. In fact, a non-competitive debate class teacher could press on with a huge amount of source material.

You see, owners of Blue Book and Red Book are given access to the summer addenda. These downloads support three different leagues (NSDA, NCFCA and Stoa) by providing “spotlight cases” along with topical articles and lessons specifically tailored for competitors from these three leagues. As always, Blue Book and Red Book will continue to be the leader in training debaters for active competition.

For teachers of classrooms, these “spotlights” become thorough units of study that they can use with their students. The Georgian teacher is able to download her lesson and get to work with her students. She can choose from three different resolutions for free.

Check out the new Blue Book and Red BookYou will definitely be satisfied!

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