‘Not Quite Sure’ Is a Great Start

Ask Yourself

I recall a conversation I had on a cool summer evening with a small group of friends. It was during a party, we were close enough friends to be deep into conversation about each other’s lives, and it was the kind of conversation that rolls nicely.

One theme was about something I talk a lot about here: doing that which you love. One of the dads in the group was a specialist in social media, so we were jabbing about how easy it is today – like, more so than ever in our lifetimes – for people to truly do what they loved.

Another dad spoke up. “I know I’m not doing what I love.” He has a job that he doesn’t mind, but he doesn’t wake up everyday excited about it. “I’m not quite sure what my passion is.”

This gave us all pause. Can any of us say we know what our passion is? It’s a tougher question to answer than we may think.

Here’s why: most of us cannot say we purposely found ourselves in the work we were meant to do. Our life has happened largely by mistake. We get pushed into things, we land a job, we are controlled by bosses and economic pressures. When we size up our life, we have to admit that we have no idea what we love.

Figuring out what I truly love to do isn’t simple. It’s a life journey. I’m still walking it.

“I’m not quite sure I know.” That’s my friend’s thought. Its honest and a great start.