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If my mom can blog, so can you. Nothing against my mom  — she’s intelligent, wise, and the most spiritually sound person I know. She’s just not the kind of person who jives with technology. Nevertheless, today she’s a daily blogger at

I just know there are lots of Judy Jeubs out there. These are people who have all the desire in the world to share their thoughts with the world, but they’re sort of stuck in the old world of book publishing and magazine submissions.

If that is you, you have to come to the truth: That world is obsolete. We live in a blogging world. You, like my mom, probably have all the traits necessary to be a vibrant writer in the 21st century, but you just don’t know how to fit into the blogosphere.

My mom has had three character traits for as long as I can remember, and this made her a perfect candidate for blogging. I suspect you do, too. These character traits are:

  1. Skill. My mom’s a decent writer who had the discipline of daily journaling. She isn’t perfect (who is?), but she is a lot better than others. There is no reason people wouldn’t enjoy her writing.
  2. Story. Like most people her age, my mom has an awesome life to share. In the video above, she shares how she discovered — through blogging — that her life was quite funny. I think it’s quite interesting, too.
  3. Soul. A couple years ago, my mom became resolved that she was going to figure out how to bring her writing to the world. I dedicated my time to make sure that happened, and it happened in the non-traditional (though perfectly legit and effective) world of blogging.

My mom has been blogging for over two years. She has been diligent about her writing — almost perfectly consistent with a new post every day — and she’s having a ball doing it. We reflected on her success, and came up with the video above. If you have the same skill, story and soul, the video should inspire you!

I bet you’re a perfect candidate for blogging. Don’t let another day go by. Get your blog set up and start. No more excuses!

If you still feel uncertain about blogging, or you still are uneasy about starting, I have a free offer that I think you will appreciate.

Subscribe to my blog and receive a free 1-page printout explaining exactly what you need to do to set up your blog.

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All in one page. Not a complicated 300-page book for “dummies” — just one page with simple explanations in the steps to blogging. I’m not quite sure why people make it more complicated. Easy peasy.

And with your subscription, we’ll stay connected. My life is about “action management,” bringing talented people to popularity using tools available to everyone. Blogging is a huge tool that will be a tremendous asset to bringing your talents to the world. My one-page on how to blog will be your first step to a successful blogging life.

If you’re a subscriber, you’re a friend. That’s one of the magical things about blogging. As my mom referenced in our video discussion, the community that forms with blogging is one of the unexpected joys of blogging. Stay in touch, my friend!

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