Opportunities to Train

I tend to grumble at training, but there is growth in each opportunity

I’m coming out of my busy work season, closing my yearly curriculum-writing routine that I’ve repeated since 1998. I’m getting focused on other important matters. I have three to share with you, and I bet you’ll appreciate that which I’m learning from each.

Picture taken while training for a climb. Why would I grumble over this?

Picture taken while training for a climb. Why would I grumble over this?

First, I’m training for my business’s new online membership. I launched it in February, but “for real” (meaning I started charging money for it) in June. It has been a learning curve transforming all my debate content from quarterly book releases to weekly download releases. So, I’m training by signing up for an online course specifically designed for membership site development.

Second, I’m training to simplify my household. I ordered a dumpster yesterday, one of those big 30-yard behemoth. I plan to tear off old siding, clean up some hail damaged roofing panels, discard old furniture and auto parts, etc. Decluttering one’s life seems to be a lifelong journey, not something that is just “done” or “undone,” turned on or off like a switch. So, I’m setting aside a certain number of hours every day to clean up my home.

Third, I’m training for my daughter’s wedding. Seriously, I need to be in top physical shape. Lydia and her fiancé have asked us to climb a 3,000 foot ascent to the top of a mountain. They are hikers, lovers of the outdoors, and this is a journey they want us to walk with them. So, I’m training every morning from now till then to get into shape.

Do you want to know the truth? From the onset, I grumbled about all three of these training challenges. I didn’t want to change with my business market, didn’t want to throw out the junk in my yard, didn’t want to climb a mountain. But all three of these challenges have wonderful opportunities in them to grow and to love.

So I’m making the daily decision to train the mind for action (1 Peter 1:13), and that is good.