Opportunity in the NFL

I stumbled across a huge opportunity on Super Bowl Sunday, an opportunity that is great for both Stoa and NFL competitors. The National Forensic League, the public school speech and debate league, that is.

Stoa Nationals 2012

Stoa Nationals 2012

A quick history: I own Monument Publishing, a company who caters to a small homeschool debate league called Stoa. Every year Stoa chooses a policy debate topic for the students to debate. A few thousand debaters are debating this year’s topic: domestic surveillance

The National Forensic League is Stoa’s public school counterpart. It has about a million members nationwide. The league announces its debate resolution at this time every year, and yesterday I stumbled across it: domestic surveillance

Opportunity galore. I have just finished an intense year of study and preparation on everything concerning domestic surveillance. Stoa students are in the heat of competition right now. I figure — with a little bit of effort — this could shape up to be an awesome opportunity for both NFL and Stoa students:

  1. NFL Students. If you plan to compete in the NFL next year, buy Blue Book Stoa Edition and get a head start on the resolution. I’m working with Vance Trefethen to custom make an NFL edition, but for now, this book is exactly what you need to get rolling.
  2. Stoa Students. You could follow this year with a year of public school debate. The transition may not be as difficult as you think. Consider contacting your local school district and see if there is an NFL club you could join. You already know a ton about the year’s topic.

So that’s the opportunity I discovered yesterday before watching the Super Bowl. I was rooting for Seattle, but I had this opportunity in the real NFL on my mind the whole time.

Read the NFL announcement here.
Browse the table of contents of the sourcebook here.
Exact wording of the NFL resolution: “The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance.”