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The Administration made its 16th unilateral change to the Affordable Care Act yesterday, granting one more day for you to sign up for insurance. You’re either going to be insured next year or pay a hefty tax. I’m spending my Christmas Eve considering the miracle birth of Jesus Christ, but perhaps you’re thinking of healthcare.

For my family, we are signed up for one of the Obamacare exemptions, Samaritan. It is a faith-based collaborative group of approximately 25,000 households who look out for one another. You will likely be shopping around for an insurance of some sort, and you may not realize that Samaritan is one of the many exemptions of Obamacare. We will not be paying a fine next year.

If you’re in a corner with few options, consider Samaritan. Let me explain my personal experience, some likely realities of your situation, and how Samaritan may be your solution.

I won’t go into the details of membership (you can download a free information packet at this website), but I do want to list for you some bulleted points of how Samaritan has helped us:

  • We pay $330/month for membership.
  • We get to send our payment directly to members with get-well cards.
  • We receive prayer requests for other members.
  • We have been members since 2004.
  • In 2011 we had more than 70,000 in medical bills stacked up. All were covered. (Long story, it starts here.)
  • In 2012 we racked up an additional 50,000 in medical bills. Again, all bills were paid by year-end.

When you are looking for insurance, you may be what the Associated Press posted yesterday as “sticker shock.” I am having absolutely no problem at all, but my heart goes out to you if you are. According to the AP:

Comprehensive data on premiums isn’t available, but in one example, a 30-year-old in Chicago would pay an average of $222 per month for a bronze plan, $279 for a silver or $338 for a platinum.

Like I said, Wendy and I pay $330/month for a family of 16. This is how much Samaritan medical sharing costs us. We send a check to a particular family or individual who is struggling to pay their medical bills. Samaritan serves as a ministry that keeps the complicated burden of accounting in line.

Honestly, this isn’t too complicated. Some doubt the ability of Samaritan to keep track of its families. Why these same people put faith in the federal government to keep track, I can only fathom. The AP article recognized that there is a lot of ignorance when it comes to healthcare costs:

The complexities of insurance are eye-glazing even for those who have it. Only 14 percent of American adults with insurance understand deductibles, according to one recent study.

A deductible is how much you pay for a particular medical emergency before having your insurance kick in. The lower your deductible, the more money the insurance company will charge you in your monthly payment. Our deductible is $500. That’s sticker shock, all right, a shock in our favor.

When you think about it, this shouldn’t be all that shocking. Insurance companies are being mandated to cover all sorts of medical procedures that they traditionally weren’t required (like birth control and vaccines). It is naive to think that these expenses will be “free.” They come back to haunt the customer in the form of higher premiums and deductibles. AP puts it this way:

The new insurance system requires policies to cover more services than some consumers had chosen to buy in the past. “It’s all a matter of having a budget and it only goes so far,” said Agnone, an executive with a nonprofit charity based in Fairfield, which is about halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento. “There is no winning in this.”

So much for the promises of Obamacare. I’ll resist the temptation to go on a political rant (my friend Paul Ryan wouldn’t have settled for this…just saying). What you and your family needs is a winning solution.

Wendy and I believe you can win with Samaritan.

Consider Samaritan. It’s a fantastic organization that has worked extremely well for our family for the past decade.

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  • I want to know if many doctors accept samaritan as an insurance company that they work with? How many hospitals? Would our son’s cancer doctor accept samaritan?

    Guess I need to make some calls.

    • It’s not insurance. We have either paid cash/credit or worked with health officials to set up payments. We then file our need with Samaritan and get networked with the 25,000 other families to receive payment for our medical bills. Samaritan is a coordinator of member families and their needs. We have found that doctors appreciate this. It bypasses the red tape associated with insurance or government entitlements.

      Samaritan is definitely a change in perspective. Wendy and I have found that it works very, very well. Better than traditional insurance even, especially better than Obamacare. Entering does not cover pre-existing conditions, but does cover debilitating sicknesses and their related expenses, including cancer.

      • I blew it shouldv’e got started working with samaritan few years ago. Didn’t understand it then. Now we’ve got major preexisting conditions so won’t work for us. Argh I lost so much