Our Marketing Problem

Yesterday, on the way to church, Wendy and I pinpointed a problem we have. The realization bloomed from a point of pain. You may be able to help.

My wild and crazy family has a lot to offer people. You may not have known that, and that's my problem.

My wild and crazy family has a lot to offer people. You may not have known that, and that’s my problem.

Prelude: we have a lot of great things to share. Stuff, much of it valuable to a lot of people. We give a lot of the stuff away, but some of them carry price tags that earn us a modest living. Consider…

But these products stem from a powerhouse. “Assets,” to use a Launch term. These are talents and resources we have at our disposal, and when we are able to tap into them, we create much of the “stuff” above…

Problem: we could be doing more. I have several things in the hopper, great and valuable ideas that could help a lot of people, but I’m too busy bringing my current stuff to market. The first list above, did you know of all these things? Some of the list was probably news to you, and that’s because I haven’t been doing a good job letting you know of them. That’s my problem.

And we feel the pain when we are not able to do the other things that we would like to do. Here’s a peak into some of the really good ideas I have in the hopper, and I’d like to get to them soon:

  • Training Minds University, an online hub for personal coaching from Training Minds coaches.
  • More love books, like Love in the Church and Love in the Money.
  • Micah and Lydia want a blog, too.
  • Love in the House Podcast, a weekly show from the home of the Jeubs.
  • For Action Conference, an extension of speech and debate to direct application in life.
  • A Jeub speaking tour in 2014, making an impact across the country at various conferences.

I have a lot more from where these came from. So many opportunities, so little time. Sure, a good problem to have (better than boredom, I suppose), but a problem nonetheless.

Why am I too busy? Because I have to slow down and remind people of everything we have to offer. Marketing. We produced products from assets we have, but we have to let people know that the products are available. This fuels the machine and allows us to diversify our routine, and get to the other opportunities we have at our disposal.

Solution: a Marketing Director. We are pretty good at marketing, sure, but pretty good is the enemy of great. We need someone who wakes up everyday thinking, how can I get people to know about Chris and Wendy Jeub’s stuff? Or yet, how can I get Chris and Wendy Jeub to develop stuff that people need of them? (A related problem: we spend time on not-so-valuable opportunities.)

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have where someone I meet gives me a testimony like this:

  • “I read your book, and it totally changed how I think of things. I wish I read this years ago.
  • “I sent my kid to your camp, and it totally opened up his/her opportunities in life. I wish I knew of your camp years ago.”
  • “I have found so much encouragement in you and your family. I could have used that encouragement years ago.”

See the problem? They didn’t know we had solutions for them. That’s a marketing problem.

This blog post is my first feeler. I’d love to hear from you if you think you know of a solution. Do you know of someone who (1) believes in what we do (see here and here), and (2) is smarter than us in letting people know about it? This could be you, and I’d love to start a conversation with you.

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  • Who back! Loving it. You’ve got a few things going on! Thanks for writing, Chris.