Our New Movie-Streaming Option

No brainer: I get to rent movies for only $1 plus filter out the crap

I tested VidAngel Sunday night with my family. We rented Creed for a total of $1, a great deal, without ever leaving my living room. But I saved much more: I got to choose which swear words and dicey scenes to “bleep” out.

VidAngel's motto: "What whatever the BLEEP you want."

VidAngel’s motto: “Watch whatever the BLEEP you want.”

I was surprised at how easy it was to click through the omissions. When I rented the movie, I scrolled through the handful of f-words and other profanities. I also checked off a few bed scenes. Of course, the violence stayed in (this is a boxing movie, of course). I had complete freedom to filter that which I chose, and it took just a few seconds to prepare.

I then clicked “rent” and proceeded. Apparently, I have every right to place filters on movies when I purchase a movie straight up. Therefore, VidAngel charged me $20 for the purchase. When finished, I re-rented the movie for $19. Therefore, the total rental was $1.

Semantics. I “bought” rather than “rented,” “re-rented” rather than “returned.” Who cares? The total amount of the new release was $1. Amazon was running the same movie for $4.99 for a 24-hour rental. I saved $3.99, even with a Prime membership. That’s an 80% savings. Cha-ching.

Plus I didn’t have to cringe at every cuss word. There were a few times when you could clearly lip-read “song-off-a-pitch” and other such obvious swearing. The older kids and I chuckled along. But it went right over the littles’ heads.

Just like the old days when the good movies finally reached ABC, NBC or CBS. Remember that? If you grew up in the 80s like me, you remember watching movies in the living room where swear words and dicey scenes were conveniently edited out. Those days were nice.

Finally, there is an online video streaming service that allows me to filter out the trash for my family. And I save a few bucks while doing it. Check out VidAngel for your family.

Click to start renting "clean" movies.

Click to start renting “clean” movies.