TMU #9: Plato’s Cave

The most vivid image of Western philosophy has much to teach us about persuasion.

In Plato’s Cave, we see slaves who view shadows on a wall and believe they are seeing reality. They respond violently when they are challenged with the truth. Today’s lesson explores this story and how it relates to persuasion.

TMU #8: TMU Webinar

Students and I review the month's lessons and discuss applications

Our second webinar will not take place in order to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Let me instead take the time to review December’s unit on “Logic.” In review… Video 5: The Logical Syllogism The antiquity of logical thinking. How logic makes you internally stronger. Why logic is seldom persuasive alone. A quick review of the […]

Predicting the Future

I'm getting closer to thinking like Dilbert

I predicted Roy Moore’s win. Before you call me a fool, hear me out. I based my prediction from a totally different perspective than I ever have before, and I suspect I’ll be more right than wrong in the future.