I’m bringing two of my children (Tabitha and Hannah) to the sWord Speech Tournament in Colorado Springs. I’ll be judging all day long, watching all sorts of literary interpretations, limited-preparation and platform speeches! This is a Saturday-only Stoa tournament.

If you are in the area, sign up to judge!

Date: January 27, 2018
Event: Sword Speech Tournament
Sponsor: Sword Speech Club
Venue: Colorado Springs Early Colleges
Location: 4405 N. Chestnut Street, Suite D
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
More Info: Click here for more information.

Want coaching on how to be a great judge? Watch my "How to Be a Great Judge" videos at MonumentMembers.com/judging.

Predicting the Future

I'm getting closer to thinking like Dilbert

I predicted Roy Moore’s win. Before you call me a fool, hear me out. I based my prediction from a totally different perspective than I ever have before, and I suspect I’ll be more right than wrong in the future.