Palmer Lake Reservoirs

It wasn’t so much of a cold spell in Colorado at the turn of the year, but it was perfect for this steady climb to the Palmer Lake Reservoirs.  Palmer Lake is the neighboring town from where we live, and we have the perfect idea to cap off a nice hike if you’re ever in the area.

Palmer Lake Reservors is a brisk walk to beautiful mountain scenery.

Palmer Lake Reservoirs is a brisk walk to beautiful mountain scenery.

The hike starts at a trail head with plenty of parking and leads to two reservoirs at elevations of approximately 7600 feet. Not too bad for a pleasant hike. Though the views aren’t panoramic like a fourteener hike, the landscape is a gorgeous finger into the Rampart Range that is easy to get to and well worth the trip.

This hike has a personal twist to it for us. The creek that runs off these reservoirs is Monument Creek, the same creek that eventually flows through our backyard. Wendy and I reached the second reservoir within an hour. It is well worth the extra effort to get to the second reservoir (the first is not that impressive).

We packed a picnic lunch and bush wacked to a higher peak for a very romantic visit. It was a cool 45 degrees that afternoon, but the sun made it a comfortable time, almost t-shirt weather. If you plan to make this hike, don’t let a little snow or cold weather hinder your adventure. Once you’re to the reservoir, you’re in for a good time.

We only packed for a light picnic lunch, so by the time we made it to the bottom, we were quite hungry. We drove to O’Malley’s Steak & Pub in Palmer Lake, a locally owned joint. We absolutely love their buffalo wings.


The reservoirs flow into Monument Creek, the same creek that eventually flows through our back yard.


Making it to the second reservoir is well worth the extra effort.

The trail is well-traveled, even in December/January when we hiked it. Recent snowfall shouldn’t hinder your plans.

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