Personal Workspace

I watched the first session to Michael Hyatt’s Platform University last night, a subscription I signed up with last week. I admit, I’m a bit behind in class, but I’m all caught up now. The interviewer, Stu, asked a very good question about personal workspace.

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“Is your work environment critical to really creating that WOW experience?” My ears lit up and I sat up straight. This is exactly what I’ve been asking with my latest ebook.

I’ll get to how Michael responded in a minute, but first let me explain to you the deal I have going on right now, a deal that ends today. I wrote a short but powerful book called My Sweet Home Office Suite, a collective journey through building my garage into a comfortable home office. It is available FREE with a subscription to my site, but only through today. So subscribe!

Back to Michael. The sesson was on how to build WOW into products and services, but the sidenote was on the work environment. Here’s how he answered Stu’s question:

I probably didn’t used to think it was that important, and certainly in the corporate world where I spent most of my career, we acted like it didn’t really matter. We put people in workspaces that were not all that attractive or not that functional, and we just stacked them in there like cordwood (that’s a Southern expression) and expected them to function. But the more I got into sort of the upper echelon of management, I realized the environment is so important, because creating, as it turns out, is really hard work, and being productive on a consistent basis is really tough.

This is exactly how I felt with my previous home office. It was merely a spare room with a desk in it. No enginuity or thought or purpose. As a self-employed entrepreneur, this was a huge oversight on my part. As the demands of my growing businesses took shape, I became busier and busier, and the environment began to weigh me down.

So I set out to redesign my space. That’s really what this book is about. Its subtitle is “The How and Why to Creating Your Own SWEET Workspace.” I explain my complete thought process – similar to Hyatt’s – and have full color pictures, layouts, and even a pricing list of the actual construction.

I can’t wait till you read it. Through the rest of today, all it takes is a subscription. Download it and enjoy!