Pictures of Our Office Suite Development

I have a profound thought. I’m self-employed because I love life and my family. These two themes are threaded throughout, you know that. But this remodeling project is bringing these two themes to the surface.

The crew (LtoR): Isaiah, me, Micah and my dad, Bernie.

We’re two days into my office suite remodel, and the following pictures explain some of the work we’ve gotten done. Notice a few things:

  • A plane ticket to fly my dad out to help us was well worth the expense. Three generations building a home office suite is priceless.
  • Two of my sons have exemplified incredible trade skill (Isaiah with electricity, Micah with framing). I’m so proud of them.
  • The rest of the family help out where they can, even if it is helping make lunch for the crew. Everyone’s excited about the development in the basement.

Conversations, cracking jokes, thinking through difficult constructions – life and family. It’s magical in our home right now as we press forward with the development of the home office suite. Enjoy the pictures; I’ll post more tomorrow. 

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  • JDK

    I think it would be good for some of your older girls to learn these skills, too, don’t you agree? Glad the building is going well.

  • JDK

    Why not include your grandson and make it four generations? Though he’s young, he’d probably love to be included as part of the family.