Pictures Say It All This Time

Yesterday was awesome, another day of topping the one before. Perhaps this will go on for the entire two weeks! Let me tell you the story of yesterday’s Australian adventures in pictures.

The 12 Apostles and its shoreline was absolutely beautiful.

The 12 Apostles and its shoreline was absolutely beautiful.

I took the SUV out early in the morning to bushwhack my way into one of the nearby national forests. I now understand why Aussies call this “the bush,” because the indigenous forest is somewhat “bushy,” making for easy hiding places for kangaroo. They were out early, though, and I saw about 100 total in my 1/2-hour drive. They behave similarly to whitetail deer and reminded me of my hunting in the Midwest.

We braved the Australian food culture by having Vegemite with our breakfast. I am in process of developing a taste for it, and I’m sure it will come. Just like it eventually came with pickled herring, lutefisk and shoe leather.

We then packed up and headed to the 12 Apostles, the signature rock formations along the southern coast of Australia. The ocean waves were crashing something fierce, making quite the spectacle for us to view. Tide was low enough to go down to the ocean and take a swim. The waves crashed so hard that we got incredibly sandy and returned to the hotel to wash up and nap.

We then packed up and headed inland a bit to three tasters: wine, chocolate and cheese. I wish we would have recorded these locals because they had the richest Australian accents of anyone we have met so far. The hills are rolling in this part of Australia and are absolutely beautiful. We returned to town, had pizza dinner at a local joint, and retired learning the game of Concan.

I’m writing this post early in the morning before the others, as I’m an early riser than they’re all party animals who stay up way past my bedtime. I will be busting out of here for early morning kangaroo sightings and more scenic pictures, then we’ll head southeast back to Melbourne. I’ll post more tomorrow, but if you want to follow more directly, follow these instructions.