Planning the Surprise

Wendy began dropping hints two weeks ago. “Turning 45 is a big deal…Women like chocolate for their birthdays…You wouldn’t want my Facebook friends to think poorly of my husband, would you?” I calmly shrugged, “Oh yeah, your birthday is coming up, isn’t it.” She had no idea what was coming.

Drawing by Bethany Kerr

Drawing by Bethany Kerr

I’ve been in contact for the past four months with a pencil artist, Bethany Kerr. She had been a fan of our family website for some time. I just happened to come across her Facebook page and saw a picture of Jim Bob Duggar with beautiful drawings of his children. A few FB messages later, Bethany was penciling our 2012 family photo.

The photo was the best we had ever taken. There wasn’t much professional about it. We merely stuck our camera on a tripod and took a few pictures. We were all smiling, which is quite an accomplishment for 16 people, most of them under 10 years old. Even the littlest children looked great.

Check out the progress of the prints…

Jeub - Beginning

Jeub - Progress

Jeub - Progress 2

The Morning of the Gift

You know what is really cool? Knowing that a young mother from across the country was so touched by my family’s testimony that she wanted to spend hours upon hours drawing us. Sometimes Wendy and I wonder how much impact our platform has on people, and times like these make it all apparent. We are truly humbled and thankful.

Bethany, Wendy and I hope to meet you someday. For all who read my blog, check out Bethany’s website at If you really want to see the backroom talent, like her Facebook Page at She is blessing a lot of people through her fine art.

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  • David

    Why aren’t your two oldest girls in the picture?

    • They weren’t there the day we took the picture.

  • David

    I’m surprised the artist couldn’t sketch them in using photos.