Puppies…and a Brand New Business

The morning I launch a brand new business, my daughter’s dog has puppies in my basement bathroom. Quite the metaphor, and I suspect you’ll enjoy this story.

“Indie” is the dog’s name, the bull terrier pictured. My daughter Lydia lives about 3 hours from us in Colorado, and her husband, son and dog visit every month or two. We love having them over. We knew Indie was pregnant, but we didn’t expect the pups so soon. At about 1:00 a.m. Monday morning, Indie delivered the first of five puppies.

I was making my own delivery: a new business. It has been brewing up for a number of months now, and Monday morning was launch day. The idea: assemble my curriculum for academic debaters and repackage it for those who wish to master persuasion. Sales people, marketers, executives, etc. — when they understand what I do for kids in the academic debate world, they almost always ask how they can receive similar training. In fact, I rarely meet anyone who doesn’t wish they could be better persuaders. I’m responding to that desire and creating a path for them.

I’ve gone through many renditions in the past year or two, never feeling good about launching. But yesterday morning — just about the time Indies puppies came into our life — I birthed Training Minds University.

Here’s how it works. I will be delivering three lessons per month, delivered every “Training Minds Tuesday.” The lesson will follow a process I modeled in its free video releases: the first will cover thinking, the second speaking,  and the third persuading. This reflects the same process that turns a typical teenager into a champion debater. It works, and I’m certain it will turn you into an influencer and persuader, no matter what path you are on in life.

This is a brand new business. I very much hope it helps people become better thinkers, speakers and persuaders. The skills champion debaters learn are incredible — a ministry to young people that I have enjoyed for over 20 years — and TMU is my attempt to open that up to a wider audience.

Interested? I invite you to give it a try, which is what my free course does. It’s called “Persuade,” and I’m making it available through November 15. It walks you through the first module: think, speak and persuade. I conclude with a full explanation of TMU in video 4. I’m thrilled at the response and the content is rich.

Upward and onward,

P.S. The launch was a bit rocky yesterday morning, so please forgive me if you ran into issues. I humbly use Indie’s pups as an excuse — they really lit up the house around here, but I probably should have been more focused on you and TMU. Anyway, everything is up and running now, and I hope you find the content enjoyable and helpful. Click here for info.


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  1. I got into the class early and can’t say enough about it! “Think” helps you clearly understand both your counterpart’s and your own position, “Speak” gives you clarity, precision and no wasted thought or words. “Persuade” promises to be able to swing the balance in an argument, a negotiation, a sale. I can’t wait!

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