Resurrections from Darkness

We have quite the resurrection story. Do you?

Happy Easter from the Jeubs! Resurrections from darkness are the best, as Easter reminds us every year at this time.

This is one of several posts concerning "public smearing," and I am leading a Patreon Campaign to fully address this most important issue. You may read my public posts here, and consider becoming a patron to this good work:

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This photo was taken last night for a dual Keilah/Elijah birthday celebration, turning 18 and 8 respectively. We now have more than half of our children as adults. Grandkids and son/daughter-in-laws are growing our numbers. Evenings like this one are more frequent than not.

As you can see, we are not beating the children or groveling in the false accusation of such a story. We are stronger than ever and loving one another…and growing!

Resurrection is going to be a theme in my book Facing Hate: Dealing with social smearing from the people we loveIn a real way, Jesus Christ was “socially smeared” by the religious leaders of his day. He loved them, and they killed him. False testimony set Him up to be nailed to a tree, publicly humiliated with no defense, left to die with criminals on a hill. They didn’t know what they were doing, and Jesus admitted such.

I meditate on the Christ story and I identify. Do you? Going through a rigged trial and public humiliation is an experience no one should suffer. But it is a most common tactic of the Enemy.

I hope you consider supporting this good project. If you can’t, share this meditation with others. It will help immensely. Happy Easter!