Return on Your Investment

The base cost of the For Action Conference is $179, and lodging is not included. Add airline and hotel costs, you’re talking perhaps a several-hundred-dollar expense, a fair estimate. Quite an investment, I know.

Focus on the Family

If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Is it worth it?” In the business world, we look at our expenses through the lens of “return on investment.” With a little thought on ROI, a businessman can save quite a bit of money and effort when considering expenses.

If you are a young person considering the For Action Conference, or if you are an adult who wants to sponsor a young person you know, I bet you’re thinking along the lines or ROI. There are some givens. You (or the young adult you know) want to…

  • Make an impact on the world.
  • Take full advantage of the next few years of your life.
  • Avoid mistakes that others commonly make.
  • Network with leaders who have similar ambitions.
  • Connect with a “band of brothers” to learn and grow together.
  • Be trained in fundamentals that will help you succeed.
  • Enjoy Colorado in peak skiing season.

There may be other reasons you’re considering the For Action Conference. From my perspective, I’m throwing in every resource I’ve got to make this first For Action Conference a tremendous value for the investment. I have three huge ROIs that you will most definitely feel from your attendance.

1. Action Inevitably Invites Failure

On Friday I’ll announce our speakers. We’ve got some great ones lined up — some real movers and shakers in the world — you’ll recognize some of them. What is more uncommon is knowing their failures. There will be a LOT of discussion of what NOT to do in your life. In most things exciting today, there are many wrong ways to go, which means gleaning from those who have been successful is very wise.

Perhaps you have a product (a book, a how-to video, a physical product, an idea) that you are thinking of making a business out of. Several of our speakers do this today (I’m one of them). One speaker is specifically speaking on how to create an entire business selling resources without very much financial investment at all.

Add this up and you can easily recoup the cost of the conference. I know from my business selling debate curriculum, I make decisions all the time that either lose or make several hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands. Many times I confer with wise counselor friends of mine for advice. That’s the network the For Action Conference is building, and the initial investment is a fraction of what you will get in return.

2. Action Needs Company

Personally, I tend to “go it alone” on projects, and I don’t mind that. I don’t necessarily enjoy working on committees. I’m much more of a “pound it out” kind of entrepreneur who gets the job done.

However, there are bold projects that just must get done, and a “band of brothers” (or sisters) is what I need. On our speaker staff, we have at least one speaker who is quite an advocate in New Journalism. With the dawn of YouTube and blogging, there is a lot of great action being done today by activist journalists — simply young people with video cameras or a blog capturing the corruption and coverups of society and government. You know, the kind of things journalists are supposed to do.

We also have a speaker who is making fantastic videos that, on their surface, poke fun at spiritual things. While this work may appear crass or sacrilegious, this speaker’s work is having a huge impact on the lives of millions. The videos are widely distributed and shared, and have undoubtedly led people to a deeper spiritual understanding of Christianity and what it means to love God.

Both of these speakers face haters (or “haterz,” a new internet buzz word out there). I suspect you, too, will face your share of online trolls and vitriol, especially if you want to do bold work. The For Action Conference will be a networking launching pad of other 16-24 year olds ready to support, encourage, stand behind and empower you. This will turn out to be incredibly valuable as you launch into the future, definitely a huge return on your investment.

3. Action Takes Investment

Yes, this conference costs an initial $179 plus travel. It also takes three days of your time. But you know what? Action — especially bold action — takes investment. You’re going to struggle in life unless you grasp this reality.

The speakers know this. I’m announcing them on Friday, and you’ll be surprised on two points. First, you’ll be surprised at the amount of work each of the speakers have gotten done in their young life. Their bios will explain big projects, some you may have already heard of or follow. They are definitely action agents in the world who know how to get things done, and you’ll glean a lot from them.

The second reason is even more surprising: they are spending all three days with you. They’re not just flying in, making a speech, and flying out. They will be actively participating in the entire conference. Knowing them, they’ll probably be taking notes, exchanging business cards, getting to know each other, and learning a ton.

I know I will be! I’m building a conference that I personally want to attend. I can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to all the other action agents at the conference. We are going to so enjoy three days in Colorado together, a three days that will bring you a ton of return on investment.

For Action Conference

January 2-4, 2014
Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs