Sale Ends Tomorrow for For Action CD Set

I dream big, don’t you? I like to dig deep into the corners of life that actually mean something, that bring value to those around me, and to the greater good of mankind. But sometimes I need to bring it all down to earth.

You may have missed three days with some of the greatest young minds.

You may have missed three days with some of the greatest young minds.

Down to earth is where platform builders need to be, at least when it comes to getting the work done. In January, I gathered a dozen speakers and 50 attendees for what was perhaps the best down-to-earth conference to help close the gap between  dreams and reality.

This was the For Action Conference. Wow, was it something else! We spent three days learning incredible secrets from some of the most dynamic minds in the active world.

If you missed it, no worries. I have most of the conference on CD, and we’re running a sale through tomorrow for you. I have three “action items” for you to consider that will help you on your journey to action in your life.

1. Listen to my opening for free

You’ve got nothing to lose on this one. The first CD in the package is of me introducing the idea of the For Action Conference. It was actually in the making for several years, as you will hear from the talk:

Note: The sound quality for download streaming has been reduced. The CD is optimized much better.

Carve out the time to listen to it. I hope you catch the vision for the For Action Agent.

2. Order your CD package (plus free workbook)

There are a total of nine talks on eight CDs. Each of these talks go into something unique about that which God is calling you to do. James O’Keefe, Josh Taylor, Andrew Pudewa, and several others (see the line up here) all give their talks on how to build a platform that will make an impact.

Through tomorrow! Get $50 off your package PLUS a free program from the conference. If you missed out on our gathering last month, no worries. The workbook will catch you up on that which you need.

The free workbook makes the CD package somewhat of a curriculum. Attendees took avid notes, and I can imagine you listening to each of these presentations with your notebook to walk through. We even had a few writing activities to help the attendee grasp the fuller idea of “for action” in their life.

In fact, here are three pages from the fuller 51-page conference manual, the pages covering the audio above: For Action – Book – Free Pages 9-11

The downloads above are just a fraction of what attendees got all three days. Consider, the attendees spent $179 tuition PLUS all the expense to travel to the conference. A fantastic deal, indeed. But the best reason to get this CD package is…

3. Get started

The theme for the weekend was this: “Doing that which you love.” This is more difficult than it sounds. The attendees learned so much from these speakers. I really don’t want the content of this conference to be lost from your life.

Order for $49

Order for $49