Seek Out a Habit of Hiking

Three ideas to get you out the door

I took this picture yesterday morning on a hike, a beautiful family of purple flowers sprouting under a sheltering pine. Winter may finally be behind me.


But to tell you the truth, I’ve been walking all winter. A morning barely goes by—even through heavy snow—where I don’t take a brisk walk into the Colorado trails. With my Fitbit on and an audio book ready to juice me up, I sometimes make my daily goal by lunch. I call it “10K by 10A” when I get 10,000 steps in my 10:00 a.m. If you friend me, I’ll set up a challenge soon.

So, you may think I’m uniquely blessed or something? You don’t live in Colorado, you don’t have local trails, you don’t have time, you don’t blah blah blah. I encourage you to get over your excuses and start walking. Here are three ideas to get you going:

  1. Seek Out Your Local Trails. I bet you just don’t know where they are. Do a Google Search and figure it out. Chances are you have trails within 5-10 minutes from your front door. I honestly did not know how many opportunities I had until I searched them out. You will likely discover the same.
  2. Seek Out a Routine. I drive the kids to school every morning. On the way home, the Santa Fe Trail in Monument crosses a rode on my route. You will often see our 15-passenger van parked at its trailhead. Why? Because I jumped out to get my walk in. It’s my routine.
  3. Seek Out Companions. For me, this is an account (click for a free trial). I “read” two books every month, one fiction and one non-fiction. For Wendy, she has a best friend who goes with her. Wendy’s friend and the next chapter of my book are both reminders to get out and walk.

I’m embarrassed to say that for a decade-and-a-half of living here, I have only been seriously hiking the trails for just over one year. Today I know the foothills of my town like the back of my hand, and I love it. I could have continued the same excuses to keep me holed up in my comfy home (I’ve got work to do, I’ve got to take care of things, I’ve got to whatever). Perhaps these are your excuses?

Brush off your excuses and start walking. You will discover a most beautiful outdoors.