Seven Benefits to Monument Publishing Sourcebooks

Students pay quite a bit for my speech and debate sourcebooks (free shipping through August 31), but they sometimes have no idea how much comes with the new sourcebooks. My bad, really, and I should explain myself better.

At Colorado LD Camp this week, students used the Red Book to prepare their speeches.

At Colorado LD Camp this week, students used the Red Book to prepare their speeches.

Thing is, my summers are crazy busy. Later this afternoon I’m flying to Washington, D.C. to run the last of seven camps this year, the most I’ve ever run. I just finished sending seven sourcebooks to press, and they’re set to release tomorrow as promised. My warehouse in Oklahoma is packing shipments this weekend and into next week, all from homeschool families ready to take on the year of speech and debate.

Since seven is our magic number, let me count seven unique benefits to Monument Publishing Sourcebooks. You’ll want to hurry with #7…

  1. Educational Chapters. I hired top-notch coaches to write material to train speakers and debaters in the basics of each sourcebook event. Blue Book and Silver Book has done this for years, but this is brand new for Red, Gold and Bronze. The chapters are integrated in with the Ironman Curriculum, so teachers will find everything fitting together nicely.
  2. Ever-ready material. This is the magic of sourcebooks, really. Each consist of cases, briefs, sample speeches, extemp topics, and apologetics material for speakers and debaters to put to use right away. Sourcebooks are so much more helpful than textbooks.
  3. Expert analysis. Let me say a word about the awesome individuals who put the material together. I have the best of the leagues working through the summer to help make things a bit more pleasant for you. My list of authors are all national contenders and the best in-demand coaches.
  4. Edited content. This is incredibly important, especially in debate. Competitors can trust the integrity of Monument Publishing material. Blue Book, for example, had editors (myself included) link checking every piece, making sure every piece is of utmost integrity.
  5. Electronic addenda. The sourcebooks are packed, but they are only a fraction of what is coming later in October. Red Book, for instance, has a dozen more articles and cases to drop into the customer’s download database.
  6. Early release. Given that the resolutions were just recently released, the August 1 release date of the IE and debate sourcebooks is absolutely incredible. My coaches have been working around the clock in order to get the resources out the door in time for our camps and for clubs across the country.
  7. Expiring coupon for $10 off. Yessir, all the sourcebooks are slashed $10 through Friday, August 1. With the coupon code BulkPricing14.

I have more great reasons, but one of these must resonate with you. Please take the time to go to and get your resources for a most successful year of competition.

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