Siblings Hope the Best in One Another

The new cover to the 2015 Silver Book exemplifies much of what homeschool competitive speech is about. Here’s the picture:

Sibling power in competitive forensics

NITOC 2015. Photo by Frank Tang, used with permission.

The picture is of Ryan Kelly Murphy (the blonde) and her sister Taryn (the brunette). The two were finalists for Mars Hill Impromptu at NITOC last week. Ryan received 6th Place and Taryn received 1st. Ryan broke from the award line to give her sister a most moving congratulatory hug.

The Murphys are top-notch competitors. Following the tournament and their cumulative points on Speechranks, the two shot to the top as the #1 and #2 competitor of the entire league. ​See the results here.

What tickles me to no end is the sibling support exemplified in this picture, a support that is most admirable. It reminds me of the main editor’s feelings about his little brother. As a new graduate following the best apologetics run in league history, Luis Garcia took his little brother, Grant, to Training Minds Camp. I made this meme last week:

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This is the truth. Siblings look out for one another, hope the best for one another, and pray for one another. And when they win, they congratulate one another.

Little Grant Garcia won Lincoln-Douglas debate at NITOC, today the #1 Stoa LDer in the nation. His brother — just like Taryn’s sister above — couldn’t be more proud.

Click to order Silver Book 2015.

Click to order Silver Book 2015.