Sign Up for Class (it starts Monday)

Most of my blog followers are speakers and debaters. Or, at least, their parents. But perhaps you’re not one of them. I bet you’re curious, so I have a proposition for you.

I want you to sign up for my FREE class. It consists of four videos, each only about ½ hour long, that gives you four “keys” to successfully venturing into the world of speech and debate.

It’s quite a world! My family has traveled the country to tournaments and my kids have brought home dozens (maybe hundreds? I lost count) of trophies. Our greatest experiences as a family has been through speech and debate. I’m sure you would like it, too.

Here’s the deal with my class: The videos are available, but you must sign up to gain access. You may be busy next week, but sign up anyway. I’m giving away prizes to those who are able to join us the day of release, but you can watch (and rewatch) the videos later in the summer if you want.

I hope to see you in class, my friend. You will not regret this!

Register for “Keys to Speech and Debate Success”