Social Media and the Debates

Debate is my thing, you know that. It’s no wonder that I get excited about the Presidential Debates. But I get more excited over the tremendous opportunity my debaters have to apply their training and have an impact on the 2012 elections.

Debate students have the opportunity, training and ability to make a positive impact on the 2012 elections.

Before launching into our Presidential Debate LIVE Twitter Feed on Tuesday, I gave a short 12-minute lesson to a group of academic debaters on the power of social media in this year’s election. I challenged them to rethink their influence in the 2012 election. Today, debaters have: 

  1. Opportunity. Never before have we had a clearer philosophical choice in a presidential election, nor have we had the opportunity to objectively weigh the facts around that choice.
  2. Training. Debaters are trained how to think, not what to think. This makes a world of difference in the world of persuasion.
  3. Ability. Through social media – particularly Twitter, the platform we’ve been using in our debate community to comment on the Presidential Debates – our voice is heard and impact is made.

Listen to this 12-minute presentation and let me know what you think. And if this sparks interest in academic debate, subscribe to my blog and get a free copy of my book Jeub’s Guide to Speech and DebateIt’s worth it.

New Media and the Presidential Debates:

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Winners from Yesterday’s Post

  1. Ken Davis’ story book Sheep TalesMichelle R., OK
  2. Cody Herche’s debate text Keys to Cross-Examination: Katrina K., NC
  3. Fredrick Bastiat’s classic book The Law: Jared C., CA

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  • JRK

    Can you please post the results of your poll about the winner of the debate? Thanks!

    • That wasn’t a poll. It was a drawing for a contest. Good idea, though. I’ll implement one for Monday’s debate.

      • JRK

        How many said Romney won? How many said Obama won? Thanks.

        • 7-1 for Romney. But it really wasn’t a poll, so I wouldn’t put much credence in it. I’ll execute a poll better next time around. Refer to the other instapolls for a better gauge.

          • Michelle Robinson

            When will the people who won the books be announced? Or have they already been?

            • Er, scroll up a bit Michelle. You won!

              • Michelle Robinson

                Oh. Haha. I spotted that right after I asked! How did you choose who won? Was it a random draw?