Sourcebooks Ready for Preorder

I’m attending my second national tournament this year, and super pumped for the upcoming year. I believe I’ve got the absolute best sourcebook writing team.

Pictured: Some from our first Training Minds Meetup at Patrick Henry College.

Pictured: Some from our first Training Minds Meetup at Patrick Henry College.

If you haven’t heard, the changes from both Stoa and NCFCA have been announced. New resolutions, new rules, new ideas are headed our way. As publisher at Monument Publishing, this is a big ball-drop for my life, because my main job is to get you ready for next year.

And can I even begin to express how pumped I am with the lineup this year? Wow, this is incredible. A whole host of people in my circle of influence are now in full production mode:

  • Blue BookVance Trefethen is leading a group of writers to write briefs for Blue Book, the longest lasting publication for homeschool debaters since 1998. He pretty much has Stoa’s finished (see the contents here) and is now brainstorming cases for NCFCA (the topic announced last night).
  • Red Book. Cheyenne Ossen, 1st Place Stoa LD Speaker and current CCU debater, is gathering a dozen champions for the new editions of Red Book for Lincoln-Douglas debaters. The book will contain instructional chapters (new!) for beginners and cases ready to run in a round, written by the champs themselves. We were going to cut the resolutional articles that were traditionally in Red Book, but decided last night to bring them back. Students let us know that that is one of the best things they love about Red Book!
  • Gold Book. Sabrina Crux (from Stoa) and RJ Martin (from NCFCA, titlist in 2013) are pairing up to co-edit Gold Book. The book will contain the Gold Folder articles written by the extemp champions of the previous years, but also add educational chapters and strategy articles to help extempers in all they do best.
  • Silver Book is going through a pretty exciting change. The leagues are not changing their questions (thank you, leagues!), so we are spending our resources overhauling the book to make it easier to learn the art of apologetics. We have educational chapters to guide students through their studies, totally new to the Silver Book brand.
  • Bronze Book editor Scott Weaver is partnering with speech champion Ellie Densmore to gather the absolute best speakers from both NCFCA and Stoa. Ellen, in fact, is writing the chapters for Bronze Book to help lead the platform and interp student through the unique demands of becoming a competitive speaker.

Wow, isn’t this awesome? I couldn’t be more proud of this group of speakers and debaters. Get your sourcebooks…

Get ready for the new season with Monument Publishing’s sourcebooks. With preparation now, I hope to see you at Nationals in 2015!