I’m in the middle of offering a week-long free course on the “Keys to Speech & Debate Success.” Today’s video is a bonus, and it has a cameo appearance of my son, Micah.

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Here’s what Micah accomplished: He is the only competitor ever to win 1st place in one event in the same year IN TWO DIFFERENT LEAGUES. That was quite remarkable. But here’s what is even more remarkable: he won WHILE STRUGGLING WITH A SEVERE LEARNING DISABILITY.

That’s right. He suffers with extreme dyslexia. It was so severe that he did not know how to fully read until he was 15 years old. It was a hard childhood for him, getting regular tutoring day-in and day-out.

And Micah isn’t the only one. In my 20+ years of coaching, I’ve coached kids with speech impediments, ADHD, physical handicaps, diseases, and numerous learning disabilities other than dyslexia. They may not have accomplished the pinnacle of success like Micah, but they definitely got a TON out of their involvement in speech and debate.

This video is a bonus in my “Keys to Speech & Debate Success” class, one that I hope you register. The course explains the various keys that I’ve picked up through my years of coaching, teaching, and publishing curriculum. I’m quite convinced that any kid — even the ones who struggle — can learn to take on this wonderful sport. Even win top awards from it.

Watch my BONUS video: “The Jeub Trophy Shelf”  (Registration required)

And if you register, there is time to catch up. My videos (two have been released so far) are short, concise and easy-to-follow. There are two more videos coming, and they’re just as good. I’m giving away free stuff, too! I hope to see you in class.