Starvation Is a Myth

Never let fear of hunger keep you from your good work

Jeff Goins has a brand new book out, and it lines up with the “for action” vision of Training Minds. What I love most about the book is that it blows a stereotype out of the water: you don’t need to starve while doing your good work!

I ran into Jeff at an airport last month (picture above to prove it). I was taking two of my kids to a tournament in California. We just happened to be a few terminals away from one another. I was glad he got to see me “in action,” flying around the country “training minds for action” in speech and debate. Connecting with Jeff—even for a few minutes—was a highlight of our trip.

You see, I read Jeff’s first book to my kids—aloud—several years ago on a road trip to Minnesota. Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life was particularly powerful for us. We, as a family, were going through a hard time with one of our kids (their siblings). The book showed that these hard times are actually wonderful opportunities to grow, learn, and even prosper.

I suppose you can say that Jeff’s new book is the idea about “prosperity.” It’s almost assumed that artists should starve. I tend to joke about it with others, that somehow my life is one of poverty. I only live close to the poverty line because of the number of dependents I have. In all honesty, my “art” has provided for my family for over a dozen years now. I should stop complaining: I am far from starving.

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I nearly had Jeff as our keynote speaker to our Dallas Debate Camp a few years ago. It didn’t work out, but I must say I’m nothing but impressed with Jeff. He’s a writer…that’s his art. His “action” in “training minds for action.” He has developed an entire business and career based on helping other writers do writing. That’s his tribe, you might say, and he does it particularly well.


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  • Love this! Thanks for sharing, Chris. See you in another airport soon.