Stoa Academy 2018 (Photographs)

This is the only picture I’m in. Why? Because I was the Stoa Academy photographer. As well as coach, vendor, speaker and husband.

I think the final number was 130 parents who assembled in Irving, TX, for Stoa Academy. The league is entering its 10th year of existence. The pictures below give me a great hope in its future.

Stoa is a parent-directed league. It is governed and run by a team of directors who either have kids competing or have since enjoyed their graduation through the program. The 130-or-so parents in the picture are a small representation of 3000-or-so parents who homeschool their kids, coach clubs, and run tournaments.

I gave one talk on “Structure and Strategy: How to Make Speech & Debate Teaching Easy.” It was a vendor workshop, but I got a chance to share the rich history of parent-directed forensics competition. My roots date back to 1995 when I took my first teaching job, and here I am today, publishing bestselling curriculum for thousands of families.

You know, if you’re interested in speech and debate for your family, please contact me. I’d love to guide you in the right direction. There is an awesome community of hard-working, dedicated and loving parents who are gathering together to train our kids for great things in life. You may want to consider joining.