Surprise Gifts Arrived Last Week

The warehouse shipped 387 orders last week. If you were one of those who preordered our sourcebooks before their August 1 release, you got one of these surprise gifts in your package. Let me explain its three valuable pieces (arguably over $100!) plus how you can still get this.

Digital Collection - 260px

First, I sent everyone a free copy of Jeub’s Guide to Speech and DebateIt’s what I call my “flagship” publication. The $20 softcover book explains what is involved in speech and debate competition. Its simplicity is incredibly helpful to beginners.

Second, my book comes with a seven-lesson $20 curriculum, bringing the value up to $40 per book! Those of you who already own Jeub’s Guide to Speech and Debate realize that the curriculum is perfect for family and friends who you are trying to convince should do speech and debate (maybe that’s you?).

Third (this is my favorite part!), the gift comes with a brand new product called Jeub’s Digital Collection. A unique digital download code to be used at gives you access to all sorts of digital files. I already have a few great pieces online, and I plan to release more throughout the season to give speakers and debaters — especially those who are just starting out — plenty of helpful and valuable resources. I’m certain the value of the Jeub’s Digital Collection will bring the ultimate value over $100, easily.

So, to the 387 preorders of the speech and debate sourcebooks that were shipped out last week, I say you’re welcome. Enjoy your free gifts!

Now, for those who missed out: All August orders will receive this same gift! That’s right. No matter what you order at, you will receive a free Jeub’s Guide to Speech and Debate plus the Jeub’s Digital Collection. 

All meant to train your mind for action. Blessings to your preparation!