Take That Idea and Do It

I’m so impressed with my son Micah. He made this bow himself from a stick of oak wood. He read up on how to make a custom long bow and then did it. He followed three simple steps:

  1. He had an idea.
  2. He became a student of the idea.
  3. He did it.

How often do you and I get hung up in the first two steps? More often than we’d like to admit, I bet. Don’t let your idea box go unattended, and don’t let the details settle. You run the risk of the idea never turning into something valuable, a service or product that could be of value to yourself or others.

Micah did this. So can you. Next idea that comes to mind, dedicate a chunk of time to research. Has anyone else had the idea? Are there books available to read up on the idea? Like an adventurer, explore how to master the idea. Become a student of the idea and learn everything there is to learn about it.

Then make it happen. Buy the wood. Start sanding. String that sculpture and knock the arrow. Live the adventure.