Teenagers Are Awesome

Teenagers get a bum wrap. They’re trying to “find their way,” they mess up their image, they get too crazy sometimes. Adults are sometimes repulsed at them, and they dread them and try to avoid them. Teenagers are “troubled.”

Teenagers are awesome

What do you think of the “troubled teen”? The idea is this…

  • Teenagers are full of hormones.
  • Teenagers are illogical.
  • Teenagers argue with their parents.

Basically, they’re “troubled.” Parents should expect it. Teachers should prepare their classrooms for an exhausting school year. Brace yourselves, because you’ll have to press and thwart and realigned their troubled ways.

I don’t like this view. I see teenagers much differently. As a parent, I have sent four teenagers into adulthood. I now have five teenagers at home. The other half of my kids are going to go through this “troubled” age. Instead…

  • Teenagers are on the verge of adulthood. What an exciting place to be!
  • Teenagers are owning their beliefs. They’re finally discovering their gifts and talents.
  • Teenagers are open to doing things differently. I’ve made mistakes trying to raise my teens, and I hope they make them right.

I have to admit, I used to think along the lines of the first bulleted list. I struggled with this when I was a young teacher. It was a misguided, judgmental view of teens, and today I’m sorry for it. But today, my view is simply this: teenagers are awesome.

What do you think of teenagers?