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Did you watch the Presidential Debate last night? I’m dying to hear what you think. I’ve got three books that I’ll be giving away to three of you who take the time to enter a contest (details below).

My debate club watched the debates and coordinated a live twitter feed, making this a great training experience.

My opinion? While there were frustrating moments, I believe it was a good debate for one solid reason: the point was driven home that there are two philosophical differences between campaigns. I believe this is so true – there are stark differences – and the American people need to realize this and decide before November 6.

The Presidential Debate LIVE Twitter Feed went great! It is quite impressive to read the thoughts of expert coaches and champion debaters as the debate unfolds before our eyes. It was a record night for tweets nationwide – 7.2 million tweets during the 1.5 hour debate. (Last week’s VP debate had 566,000). You can read our feed’s tweets (view here), or read my personal tweets here.  

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  • Michelle Robinson

    I found it disappointing on both sides of the Debate. I was hoping for I really good Debate this time but it wasn’t much better than the last ones. It seemed to me that they turned each question that was asked into a campaign strategy. And it was disappointing that both were so rude to each other, and to Candy.

    I was a little too young when Pres. Obama was elected to remember what the economy was like. Some of you older people may not have needed proof that we are better off than four years ago, but, Pres. Obama never proved to ME that we are better off than four years ago. And if I was old enough to vote, if he didn’t prove things to me he wouldn’t win my vote.And as one man asked last night: “What have you done to deserve my vote in 2012?…”

    • Come to think of it, the only question asked from a younger person had to do with equal pay for women. I wouldn’t consider that a youth issue. Good point, Michelle.

  • HunterRobinson.

    Although I’m not for Obama winning, I honestly felt like he was the legitimate winner, for two reasons. 1.) He was better at keeping on track with the peoples actual questions and concerns. 2.) He also was able to pinpoint Romney on certain things, of which Romney wasn’t able to adequately refute them. In essence Obama was able to “keep the flow pretty” and just stay on track better and was much more persuasive about critical matters

    • Did you flow the debate? I’d love to see a flow of a Pres Debate. I’m so busy tweeting that I don’t have time, but it’d be interesting.

      • HunterRobinson.

        I was unable to flow it as well, although I wish I had.

        • If you made a flow, scanned it in and sent it to me, I’d love to see it, even post it online for a larger online discussion. The next debate is on Monday.

  • Katrina

    I felt Obama avoided answering several of the questions using his time instead to lay blame and attack Romney. He often came across as being angry. The moderator seemed to lean to Obama’s side and tried to help him which didn’t seem to help him. Romney did seem to connect with the questioners more and answered the questions clearly. I have enjoyed following along with the live feed and tweets, thanks.

    • I agree. (1) O dodged some pretty tough questions. (2) He became indignant when questioned about Libya — but that’s his biggest issue right now. (3) The moderator bailed O out a couple times, even lied about the Rose Garden issue. All this considered, Romney still pulled through for the voters, so that’s why I’m calling it a win for R.

  • Rebecca Robinson

    I believe Mitt Romney won last night because it seemed to me that he gave more solid solutions.

  • Jared Cummings

    Obama definitely came on strong last night. He picked up some tips from Joe Biden…smirking, smiling, slight laugh at times, and of course interrupting. However unlike Paul Ryan, Romney didn’t put up with that and came right back at Obama. At times so strong that he seemed like the rude one. I thought Candy did a better job moderating the debate than Martha or Jim, but she like the rest seemed to favor Obama, cutting Romney off and at one moment correcting him on Libya. However it has become obvious that the Libya “act of terror” claim was false. Candy has owned it, but Obama has not. The factcheckers have been busy and both sides have a skew of some facts, but most of the big ones lay on Obama’s side of the table. Content wise, dominance wise, energy wise I thought they were even. However on my comparison chart/hybrid flow sheet I gave 6 of the segments to Obama and 5 to Romney. Those points are based on my first opinion and I will go back and further analyze the points made. I can upload that if you would like to see a copy Mr. Jeub? On the facts and content I think Romney whooped Obama. So my end conclusion is that the debate was close, maybe a tie, but I give the edge to Romney because of the facts.

    • Good point: Candy owned up, but Obama hasn’t. Next week’s debate is all foreign policy. The table is set for a Romney victory.

  • Unfortunately, I feel that if a person was already for Obama before watching the debate, then they’ll think that Obama won. Personally, I think that Romney won because he was very honest, pointed out drastic mistakes that Obama had made and will continue to do, and convinced me that he would address those problems . To me, it seemed like Obama simply wasn’t telling the truth last night about his achievements during his presidency. On top of that, he sometimes claimed that Romney was lying.

    I think that this debate was a victory for Romney, but not as obviously as the last presidential debate. I felt that Obama put on the “charm” and tried to be as cool as a cucumber no matter what he said. I didn’t like this debate as much as the others because I believe that Candy was unfairly favoring the President. However, I hear that polls are still favoring Romney! On the issue of the economy, he’s leading by 10%! Yeah!