Ten-buck Sale Continued

I increased the prices of my sourcebooks two weeks ago by $10 each, but I’ve decided to drop them back down to the original prices till July 1. Here’s why.

Executive decision: the $10 off sale extended till July 1.

Executive decision: the $10 off sale extended till July 1.

Launching July 1 is an incredible download area that will split the sourcebooks up into digital files. We’re selling these smaller files for only $7 or $10 each, which will allow speakers and debaters to pick and choose their files and briefs as they see fit.

The sourcebooks are Monument Publishing’s bestselling resource of the year because they are essentially bundles of these individual files. They will release August 1, a coil-bound resource students will be ready to work with in their clubs, but will also come with an October release with even more pieces for successful competition. These dates are strategically placed to maximize your preparation for the upcoming season.

So, you can imagine, the sourcebook bundle is an incredible deal! Blue Bookfor instance, costs $50 (now $40 through July 1). It comes with your physical book with access to all 12 cases, 2A and negative briefs valued at $120. Same with Red, Gold, Silver and Bronze books for the other speech and debate events. They each come power-packed with all you need to succeed!

I had wanted to have this download area ready for you in time for the increase in the price, but I will need till July 1. So…

My delinquency = Your gain. The $10 off sale continues.

By the way, if you want to know who is writing the sourcebook material this year, check out Training Minds Ministry’s Authors & Coaches lineup. We have a stellar group of national champions plugging away this summer for your August 1 release of the sourcebooks of your choice. Trust me, you want to be a part of this!


$10 off each sourcebook, expires July 1