The A-B-Cs of 3,930 Pages of NEW Content

I am so incredibly blessed to announce the end of my publishing cycle. More than ever before, my company Monument Publishing published 3,930 pages of new content in 2013. Incredible!

All 2013 publications are now available at

All 2013 publications are now available at

If you have your foot in the speech and debate world — Stoa, NCFCA, and NFL included — you’re bound to be served in some capacity from Monument Publishing. We’ve been producing resources for this audience since 1998, the longest in the homeschool market, and we are stronger than we ever have been.

This is quite the machine we’ve got going here. Great things are happening in the homeschool speech and debate world, and Monument Publishing is at the hub of it all. But I can’t take all the credit. I couldn’t have done nearly as much without the A-B-Cs of this massive and awesome machine:

  • Authors. We have 50 authors this year, more than ever. They pumped out most of the pages I cite in the title. Several of them are title-award winners in the categories they write cases/article/briefs for. (Click here for a full list of our 2013 authors.)
  • Business. Monument Publishing could not have done nearly as much if it wasn’t for the business relationship with the Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW). They are the exclusive wholesaler of my flagship publication Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate as well as printer and distributor of most of our resources. Pete, Tim, Jim, Cameron, Julie, the Buscemi kids, and (of course) the man Andrew Pudewa himself…WE MADE IT! (Click here for more on Andrew Pudewa and  IEW.)
  • Coaches. The nonprofit ministry I run, Training Minds Ministry, is the hub for coaching. These coaches have such big hearts for training minds for action, so incredibly proud of them. Much of the camp content they create end up in the resources we produce. (Click here for a list of Training Minds Coaches.)

Is this incredible or what? I have never been more proud of the team of 50+ authors, partners and coaches as I am this year. This content is stellar. It humbles me to think that thousands or competitors across the nation will benefit from our hard work.

Oh, and how can I forget a D? She’s going to blush when she reads this, but she deserves a whole letter to herself…

  • Diane. You may have conversed with her online when you ordered: Diane Robinson. She is a former Training Minds student and now a happily married 20-something who in the spring asked for a job. I needed customer service help, so I set her up to handle order inquiries for the Jeubs. This has freed me up to focus on production. Nearly 4,000 pages later, Diane is still moving along with customer service. Thank you, Diane!

So, Get Your Order In

Subscribe to my blog to get a sample of most of this content: FREE JEUB MONSTER DOWNLOAD. But don’t waste too much time gawking over the free samples. Get the real deal! Because, as you probably know, the “deals” end August 30:

  1. Blue = all things team-policy. NCFCA, Stoa, and NFL Blue Books, newly designed Blue Book Flowsheets, and much more.
  2. Red = all things Lincoln-Douglas. NCFCA and Stoa Red Books, newly designed Red Book Flowsheets, and the brand new Keys to Lincoln-Douglas Debate textbook written by Travis Herche.
  3. Gold = all things Extemp and Parli. We also have Gold Cards, textbooks, and other resources for extemporaneous speakers.
  4. Silver = all things Apologetics. Brand new and updated Silver Books, separated into two league editions for Stoa and NCFCA.
  5. Bronze = all things Platform and Interp. If you’re into speeches, you’ll want access to these 120+ speeches written by champions.

Order through tomorrow and receive 20% off all complementary products when you purchase the sourcebook. This has the potential to save you some significant money.

Our goal is to prepare you for action in competition, and I’d argue that 2013 is our best swing yet. See you at some tournaments!