The Australian Rain Forest

If you read my post from yesterday, you learned that we decided to stay an extra day along the southern shore of Australia. We headed into Day Five of our Australian adventure totally surprised for the incredible journey ahead of us.

Waterfall Selfie

Of the four of us, I am the only early riser. My wife, Wendy, and our daughter Alissa are totally the same, and Alissa’s husband, Assad, is no different. They love their morning pillows. So, I jumped into the SUV with a thermos of coffee and made another excursion into the “bush” to scope out kangaroos.

I managed to hunker down on the edge of an alfalfa field where four kangaroo slowly made their way up its edge. I loved watching just as I love watching deer and elk in their natural habitat back home. What I would have given at the time for a pair of binoculars! My aging eyes had to do, but they did come with 20 meters or so. I filmed much of their activity on the YouTube video below. I even got to see two of them box!

I know, all the Aussies yawned, and there are many more videos more impressive than mine, but I thought the world of my experience.

I returned to the hotel and the four of us checked out. The plan was to head down to Apollo Bay and find a couple of their many water falls to see. What an adventure that turned out to be! I did not know this, but some of Australia is rain forest, and we ventured into some deep, dank crevasses to witness these majestic falls. This was new to even Alissa and Assad, which made this adventure all the more exciting.

Needless to say, we are exhausted! We’re going to take it easy today, visiting the Melbourne Markets later this morning and going to a spa that Alissa has in mind for us tonight. Tomorrow we have a special surprise for you, as Wendy and I are flying from Alissa and Assad’s nest for a short excursion of our own. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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