The Biggest Challenges of Competition (Podcast)

The second Training Minds Podcast published this morning, and you’re going to love its message: The Biggest Character Challenges of Competition. 

Challenges to Competition

This is really good stuff. My colleague Travis Herche walks through four challenges that he learned over the years in his championship-level competition. You’ll have to listen to it yourself, but here’s a quick summary:

  1. Be Responsible. Take ownership of your failures. You learn from the rounds you lose, not the ones you win.
  2. Be Competitive. You need to set a goal that represents your potential. Feel the satisfaction of achieving the goal.
  3. Be Gracious. Be grateful with every opportunity you get, in your losses and wins, even if it is not what you think is optimal.
  4. Be Humble. See yourself the way God sees you. This isn’t as a victim, but as someone blessed to compete in speech and debate.

I hope you tune in and listen to Training Minds Ministry’s second podcast. You will be moved and encouraged about this fine community of speakers and debaters that Travis and I both serve.

Episode 2: The Biggest Challenges of Competition