The Business of People

Christmas Party at Club

We had our Debate Club Christmas party last night. My, what fun! I coach forensics every Tuesday night. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience for me and all the families involved.

But can I be honest? I sometimes get tempted to “get back to work.” I’m ashamed to admit it. I have to fight the hunch to drop this “silly little club” and earn a living for my family. I’m a business owner, for crying out loud, the little voice tempts me on Tuesdays.

Hog wash. This club is awesome. The fellowship is undeniable and incredibly important. My Monumentum Speech & Debate Club is building memories that will last a lifetime and a heritage that is unshakable. There are three rebuttals I give every time I’m tempted to get back to the “more important” things in my life. 

1. Connection

I’m able to connect with my children, my children’s friends, and the joy of debate (I do love it so). I’ve made a business of speech and debate, so connecting with the grassroots of my customer base is a great idea. Connecting weekly is incredible.

2. Consistency

The 16 weeks of the fall semester is exhausting for me – and everyone for that matter – but it’s totally worth it. A club that gets together weekly for the academic rigor of forensics is a club that ends up in final rounds at tournaments together. To be great at this activity, you need a consistent gathering to grow accustomed to, and speech and debate is it.

3. Caring

There are a handful of parents that keep things rolling at club. It was fun watching the kids play their games during the party. The laughter and fun the kids were sharing was a joy to witness. These kids are growing up with one another and experiencing life unlike any other social gathering. And that level of caring for one another is something I will continue to fit into my schedule.

Can I encourage you? If you’re like me, you feel guilty when relaxing too much. You’re a hard worker and you don’t want to justify slothfulness. That’s great, keep it up. But don’t confuse the joy of your work – your connections with the grassroots of your business – with slothfulness.

Refuse to compromise the business of people. Business without this consideration is really no business at all. [Tweet this.]

That’s what you’re into business for, right?