The First 3 For Action Interviews

I completed three interviews with three of our For Action Conference speakers that I think you will appreciate. Even if you don’t intend to join us in Colorado Springs January 2-4, these three interviews are definitely worth watching.

Pudewa Speaking

If you don’t know much about the For Action Conference, check out its registration page at the link below. The conference brings Training Minds to a whole new level. Our coaches have been “training minds for action” (1 Peter 1:13) by getting kids ready for academic debate competitions. But this conference is for millennials (16-24 year olds) by getting them ready for the competitive life God has in store for them.

Here’s how we’re doing the training: we’re pulling together examples of success, most of them within the millennial generation. Each of the speakers will have their hour to pour themselves into a presentation that will show attendees “how it’s done,” at least from their perspective, to encourage attendees to move along their life journey with gusto.

You see, I don’t accept the bum wrap millennials get nowadays. You know the image: lazy, unmotivated, lives in their parents basement, loser. I don’t think young adults should settle for this stereotype, and I’m bringing leaders to Colorado Springs to show them how.

I’ve got three interviews so far, more to come next week. Check out these shining examples of action…

Click to watch full video.

Click to watch full video.

Josh Taylor of Blimey Cow

Josh Taylor is the mastermind behind the popular Blimey Cow videos. Together with his little brother, Jordan, and his wife, Kelli, Josh writes 3-5 minute scripts that dig deep into the thoughts of typical teenagers from Nashville. He’s a YouTube sensation who is developing a fantastic brand with a solid purpose. Perhaps you don’t know much about Josh Taylor. Here are a few highlights of the interview:

  • “The only way we’re going to ever do it, is to just DO IT!”
  • “Find something you like to do and do it consistently.”
  • “Am I the only crazy person in the world who thinks that this world is really messed up?”
  • “I never mean the satyr to be hurtful…I just want people to think.”
  • “In 10 or 20 years, I’ll look back and think, ‘that was awesome, there was a lot of neat things going on.'”

See, Josh is not merely coming to the For Action Conference to share what he knows and then fly back to Nashville. As the video interview reveals, he’ll be revealing how he discovered his market that was waiting to find him. He will then be sticking around — along with his wife, Kelli — to connect with attendees who are interested in jumping into the dynamic world of YouTube.

Click to watch full video.

Click to watch full video.

Travis Herche, Author and Solopreneur

Travis Herche is known in the homeschool speech and debate world as one of the most helpful online debate coaches available. Travis was perhaps the very first debate coach to leverage the use of free online tools like Skype to develop a successful small business of online coaching. The ideas he shares in the interview are breakthrough ideas that others will find very useful in their lives:

  • “One of most difficult problems with the political discussion right now is that not enough people know how to debate.”
  • “Going pro has less to do with what I do, more to do with who I am.”
  • “Training for academic debate competition is turning into something much bigger…bringing people to the next level in life.”
  • “Building a platform you have to be THE GUY…people will come to you first, and I’ll explain the process.”

Travis is bringing his wife, Christina. She is developing her own platform as a musician. Travis and Christina — along with virtually every speakers at the For Action Conference — believe platform building is the unchartered path to personal success for the future.

Click to watch full video.

Click to watch full video.

Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Not all the speakers are millennials. Some are “old” like Andrew Pudewa, a good friend of mine and scholar of home education. I’ve known Andrew for years and cannot say more good about him, his business, and his character. He is a big believer in what I’m doing with the For Action Conference, and this validation comes across very strongly with the following affirmations:

  • “Separating complexity (planning) is how to think, and we do the opposite today.”
  • “Writing has little to do with expressing yourself, much more to do with expressing ideas.”
  • “Kids these days are aware that they were born in a very unique time in our history…we need them ready to face crisis…they know this deep down that this is true.”
  • “It’s very important to balance prudence with craziness…when to take the risk is a good thing to contemplate together.”
  • “Who knows? This For Action Conference idea could turn out to be a coliseum-sized event!”

I’ve personally gotten to know Andrew very well, how he does business, and his generous attitude about sharing the so-called “secrets to success.” You’ll want to be there with him for these three days. Andrew isn’t coming alone, either. He’s the father of seven children, and he’s bringing his only son, Christopher, a 17-year-old who is likewise looking to walk in greater purpose in life.

What This Means for You

What this means is that you have got to come to Colorado Springs in January! I have other interviews coming up in the next couple of weeks, each of who will be validating that THIS IS THE BEST conference to go to:

  • Isaiah McPeak of Ethos Publications
  • Taryn DiMartile of College Plus
  • Cynthia Jeub, my daughter
  • James O’Keefe of Project Veritas

About half of our seats are sold already, so get your tickets while they are available:

For Action Conference

January 2-4, 2014
Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs