The Free Life

Liberty is more fluid than I used to think. You don’t turn freedom on and off like a light switch. It isn’t granted or regulated by a government, though it’s annoying when they try. Liberty is more like an ocean. It’s vast and wide and has endless areas to explore.

I’ve been diving deeper and deeper into freedom throughout my life. Launching this blog is yet another stroke toward being more free. My life’s journey has been incredibly awesome, and this blog is a way to invite you to join me.

You see, the developments of my life have been filled with blessing and hardship, and in the process I believe I have discovered freedom. At least a freer life than most. Allow me to explain with an overview of my life, then offer you an invitation that could be just what you’ve been looking for.

  • Childhood. Like you, I grew up in a totalitarian household. I was fine with that. Didn’t know any better, really. Then I became a…
  • Teenager. I have fond memories of my teenage years, but they weren’t the best years of my life. I was a slave to the junky things adolescents often do. After growing up a bit, I found freedom in family life and being a teacher.
  • Teacher. Teaching is so rewarding, and I love it to this day. But the bureaucratic system most teach in – like I did in the 1990s – is weathered and struggling. After seven years of teaching, district budget cuts forced my layoff, and I took it as an opportunity.
  • Unemployment. This was a healthy time to reconnect with my central purpose. I reassessed my undergraduate work and my first stab at a life career. I decided to go into journalism and quickly (within 3 months) landed a job in Colorado.
  • Employee. I was an editor for Focus on the Family for five years. I loved editing and writing. I met cool people and enjoyed living in blue-sky Colorado. My interests grew from print media to Internet media, launching websites and developing online reading material. I liked what I did, but I didn’t like being an employee. So I quit in 2004 and finished up an education.
  • Master. I went to school and got an MBA, becoming a legitimate “master of business administration.” I learned what the experts knew and attempted to create an income while doing it. This was a necessary growth spurt that set me up for my next phase…
  • Self-employment. I should term this, “self-UNemployment.” I worked twice as hard for half the pay as I ever had in life. I freelanced, published what I could, leveraged my skills to whomever offered me money. Don’t get me wrong; these were great years. I learned much about contentment and frugality and solid financial management. Eventually the hard work picked up speed, and I started to call myself a…
  • Business owner. My self-publishing became a publishing business, and my educational work (I never left teaching, really) became a well-respected and successful educational 501(c)3 nonprofit called Training Minds. I love learning by doing. It took a while for me to learn through successes and failures, but I eventually became an…
  • Entrepreneur. In retrospect, this was largely what I was searching for, and like teaching, perhaps that was always in me. In essence, pure creativity. I create, I do, I sell, and I get back to creating. I like to selfishly think my creativity is a unique character trait, but it isn’t. Creativity is one of those things that separate mankind from the animal kingdom – a state of mind that we are created to live. It’s awesome that I can make a living at what I create. I wish more people were able to so so, including you.
  • Free Thinker. I need to fully embrace the idea of “free thinking.” Freedom to create more and be more. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t learn and grow and prosper – and with a number of business associates, too. This is where I’m at in this journey of life. Free, and then I write about it on my blog.

I’ve carved my niche and have skills that set myself apart from others, but the inner desire for freedom is, I believe, in you just the same. My personal journey – overcoming doubts, trying new things, drudging through life’s share of successes and failures – are no different than yours.

Question: where are you on this journey? Go ahead. Point to the bullet above that best explains where you’re at. You’re in there somewhere, perhaps stuck on one of the bullets and can’t seem to break free.

Here’s the kicker: Never before in my lifetime have I witnessed more misery and dissatisfaction. Regulations are crippling businesses, unemployment is at record highs, and few people – very few – are satisfied with the work they accomplish. Though we have more tools and opportunity than ever before – like, ever before in history – most feel trapped, unsatisfied, even miserable with their life. It doesn’t need to be this way.

This blog is where our lives are going to intersect. I’m just gonna write about my journey here at I invite you to subscribe and come along with me. I’m delving deeper and deeper into life, and I don’t believe this freedom will ever bottom out. Freedom is not finite. There’s plenty of it to enjoy together.

So, welcome. Let’s live life like it was supposed to be lived. Creative and free.