Josh Speaks and Jordan Snowboards

My family, the Jeub Family, spent 16 hours on the road, crammed into a 15-passenger van riding home from a visit in Minnesota. I’d like to tell you about the podcast that made the time fly.

Taylors at the Jeubs

It’s the Blimey Cow Podcast. It consists of three people — Josh Taylor, Jordan Taylor, Kelli Taylor — and the occasional guest (Kevin McCreary, you cracked us up!). They are the stars of the Blimey Cow Messy Mondays series on YouTube, hilarious comedy skits that take clever swipes at the fun life of homeschool families.

We got a chance to meet Josh and Jordan when they visited Colorado for the For Action Conference, the event I put on at Focus on the Family earlier this month. They talked up their visit to Colorado during the episode. We Jeubs loved listening to the show!

ESPECIALLY when Jordan said his absolute favorite thing about Colorado was snowboarding down the Cliff of Death in our backyard. Here’s the video of the scene he explained on the podcast (Jordan is shown snowboarding at 2:36):

We wholeheartedly agree: we love the Taylors and so love their bi-monthly podcast. Do yourself a favor and download their episodes. They will brighten up your day!

Listen Now to the Blimey Cow Podcast

Visit for more info on the Taylors.