The Journey Is Where It’s At


I’m traveling to San Diego with 13 members of my debate club. We’re shooting cross-country — following Route 66 — in two SUVs. The trip is awesome, making me think that the journey is much richer that the destination.

  1. We listened to the recording of Ken Davis Live that I captured in St. Cloud at a YFC fundraiser.
  2. I read aloud from a book that came in the mail just yesterday — Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception… The first chapter was riveting.
  3. Listened to my daughter’s playlist … Lots of uplifting music.
  4. We got into the greatest conversations about living life to the fullest.

One of my coaches is a 19 year old college student. He said just the first 8 hours of road trip were blowing his mind.

Yep. The journey is awesome. Will post more of it tomorrow.