The List of Coupon Codes, in case you missed them

My publishing company, Monument Publishing, is ending its 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway today. For the past 12 days, I’ve queued up a free gift for speech and debate families. Today’s download is the most valuable of all, but the coupon codes (which expire today) are even more valuable.

Redeem at

Redeem at

Did you miss a day? Did you sign up a little late? Each day’s giveaway had an extended offer — up to 90% off! — that you could have redeemed. Have no fear. Exclusive to visitors is the top-secret list of coupon codes for the extended offers handed out in the last 12 days. These deals end today:

  1. Free Training Minds Stickies. Coupon code: “freestickies”
  2. 50% off the print version of Bronze Book. Coupon code: “bronze14”
  3. $5 off Midseason Blue. Coupon code: “blue5”
  4. 50% off Keys to Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Coupon code: “LDbargain”
  5. Free Training Minds Binder. Coupon code: “tmbinder”
  6. 50% off Team-Policy Curriculum: “bluecurriculum”
  7. $10 off Silver Book: “silver10”
  8. 50% off For Action Conference. Coupon code: “foraction”
  9. 50% off Keys to Cross-Examination. Coupon code: “cxmastery”
  10. $20 off Red Book. Coupon code: “red20”
  11. 90% off Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate. Coupon code: “guide90”
  12. Go to for the top 4 downloads

I hope you take advantage of these offers. If anything, subscribe to the Monument Publishing blog to be included in the $100 gift certificate. The winner will be announced on Monday on the Training Minds Podcast.

Wow, this 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway was fun. Merry Christmas!