The Most Important Consideration in a Home Office


What should you consider when building a home office? I posted a whole list of them when I started my home office project a couple weeks ago, but I think I missed the most important. I guess I didn’t realize it till now:

The most important consideration in a home office is MOOD.

Yep, the mood. It has to deal with atmosphere. I need to get things done, and the old office solutions just weren’t cutting it. The walls weren’t soundproof, the kids would run through the office to get to the garage, my feet would get cold in the winter and I’d sweat in the summer…

Enough complaining, because my new office is close to being finished. I spent good money on three things that contributed significantly to the mood I was trying to create. These were:

  1. Pine tongue-n-groove walls. Drywalling would have taken 1/5 the time at 1/10 the cost, but I love working in a cabin-like atmosphere.
  2. Picturesque window. I had a window already. It was old, but it would have done fine. I bought a new one and the view lights up my room.
  3. Carpet. This is being installed next week. For all practical purposes I’d put in wood flooring. But I want carpet for the mood.

I’m still about a week or two out from completion, but I have my desk moved in. Work (the kind that makes me and my family money) has been neglected lately. Still on the to-finish list: (1) as mentioned, the carpet, (2) lighting, (3) bookshelf, (4) some more trim, and (5) closet shelving. For now, enjoy these pics – and let me know what you think by posting below.