The Platform Conference Speakers

I’m in Nashville at Michael Hyatt’s Platform Conference, last night was the kickoff. I had the distinguished honor of being part of the speakers dinner the night before. Michael’s vision for the speakers—essentially, for the entire conference—was strong, and it tugged at my heart in three significant ways.

Platform University

First, let me say what giants these men and women are. Michael Hyatt himself is incredible (CEO of Thomas Nelson, New York Times bestseller, etc.). His business partner, Ken Davis, is an internationally known comedian and story teller. Here are the other speakers: John Saddington, Michele Cushatt, Stu McClaren, Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, Carrie Wilkerson, Cliff Ravenscraft, and Andrew Buckman. If you don’t know these people, you should get to know them. They’re industry leaders in the blogosphere.

They know their stuff, but here’s the exciting part: they’re anxious to pass their know-how onto the attendees. Like I said, Michael’s vision is strong—it’s really tugging at my heart—and I took note of three unique perspectives that Hyatt and the speakers are taking on this conference.

First, they’re looking for greatness. Michael gave a fantastic talk to help the speakers understand the personality of the 100+ attendees. It wasn’t a long talk, but right on target. If I could sum it up, he said something to this nature, “The next big name is coming to the conference, and he or she will be able to say it was YOUR help that kicked off their platform.”

What a fantastic perspective, isn’t it? I’m not one of the listed speakers, but I’m determined to get to know as many of the attendees as possible, network and connect and so on. Already my twitter feed is lit up with some of the coolest people I think I could have ever dreamed of meeting. They’re here in Nashville this week, future stars who are building their unique platforms, collectively touching the lives of perhaps millions.

Second, they’re looking to connect. At the dinner, I sat next to John Saddington. He was one of the first bloggers in the blogosphere, a real pioneer in today’s Internet world. When I shared with him my educational work with Training Minds, he lit up and told me about some educational work he’s doing in Atlanta. I believe he and I are friends now, venturing into education and encouraging one another.

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? Giving and appreciating and encouraging. It’s the connection revolution, and I’m at boot camp connecting with the best.

Third, they’re looking to serve. In fact, John asked me a bold question that, come to think of it, I don’t hear too often from people I admire. “How can I help you?” That kind of took me off guard, and I answered, “Just take a look at what I do, and that’d be fantastic!” We exchanged links on our cell phones and we’re good to go.

These platform giants are locked and loaded, looking out for greatness, ready to connect, and willing to serve. They’re pouring themselves into the lives of the attendees. That is definitely coming through this week at the Platform Conference. I’ll keep you posted on the content of the next couple days. Follow along on Twitter!